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18 plus only !

Stressed ! Do all I can to work on situations swirling in my life to push them into an upswing. It is very hard to do and very few seem to understand my viewlove(photo stock. can’t wait to make love again)

Whether it is the stress, my age, or hormones…..OMG…… I so miss sex. I find myself I find myself pulsing with desire to feel my man’s hardness spreading inside me. Is that TMI? Well, most are lying if they say they have not had the same feelings and desires to confess them to someone.

I try not to think about it but, find my thoughts drifting of how his hands would softly touch all over me as he would marvel at my body and reactions like he had never had the experience before. The way he looked at me, taking in each moment and each move and watch and hearing him respond. Ohhhh to hear him right now being pleased.

ok ok. Don’t want to gross out any readers. lol.

So many boring and hard issues I am working with makes me crave some fun and adventure but the closest I can get to it is to immerse myself into books. So many good ones inspiring me to work on my current book more often.

Readers what is going on in your life. Please do distract me.

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To goal or not to goal ??

I have never been one to set goals. Probably because i tend to procrastinate and don’t want to let myself or anyone else down by not achieving the goal.

Anyway, I keep telling myself I am gonna get on all the goals I tried to set to get done while my sweet Rome is in Africa for a year but, it seems he knew me better then I knew myself. He chuckles and says “that is wonderful honey, but if you do decide to work at it then do it for yourself cause i am good with you now.” When he said this i was kind of offended but now when i look back i have to laugh because i may have set my expectations to high and I am glad he was okay that I did not have to do all those high goals. I have not given them up so much as been easier on myself to work towards things I want and more realistic.

Anyway, Rome and I have now been married about 5 and half years and this year he has been gone has been a little bit of a test. I did not know what it would be like to be without him for a year but, I think we are growing as a couple in having to be more creative in communication and knowing each other and trusting each other. I can say it has made our sex life skyrocket (tmi alert) with experimenting in flirting and pleasing each other long distance and opened communication to what we both feel we want and need. I feel good about how we accept each others strengths and weaknesses.

I want to make closer friendship in my life though —I do admit i am not very good socially and fear reaching out or asking for company. However, i am thankful for the online friends i have made most of which are facebook, twitter or friends met on social platform second life.

As time gets closer to my hubby possibly getting to come home I get more excited and have begun to prepare things like learning some cooking and getting some sexy things to wear that he may like. For a shy girl this is a huge step. lol. BTW ladies what is the best way to remove hair from the (you know) area? He would be over the moon excited about that. grins.

Issac (my son) is not at all liking the idea of that reunion saying i will be hanging at friends house for a few days. laughs.

Anyway, just an update.


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I now have a regular website for my reviews. You can see it at:

Anyway, I plan to keep this blog going with whatever I want to write about. So it go!


photo: copyright.KimShay.2013

I have loved and fully enjoyed this summer’s weather and activities. I am a little sad leaving it behind and all it’s delicious goodness it provides. I am now turning focus onto the holidays to keep me motivated as we go into the fall and winter.

I am looking at affordable options of things to make for people for the holidays. I already got the supplies for the women and now researching good ideas for men. (Do you have an idea for me?). I am also decorating a trunk for Halloween’s trick or treating. My son that a good theme for this years trunk would be “candyland”. I thought it sounded cute.


photo: copyright.KimShay.2013

I fully enjoyed my four days off from work. I got a lot of rest, fun with family, good food at home. It must have been exciting for Roman as well since we jumped each others bones each day. lol. He would so hate that I am writing that but, wow.

I am looking forward to all the upcoming things coming our way the rest of this year but, I am also trying to enjoy each bit of each day because it just moves so fast.

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What is the deal with Roman? He got mad at me last night because he could not have his way with what he wanted. Now today he is in a real funk probably because I can not buy him anything for his special day. He never has money for my day so what is the difference. GRR…. Birthday’s this summer in our family have sucked. My birthday is coming up this month also but, I am not whining about how nothing is going to happen for it and I am older than both my son and husband. Okay sorry for the rant.

I have been enjoying my new job. It cuts into time with art, writing and family but then so does everyone else’s jobs. lol. I like helping people figure out their projects and learning the store.
I have been thinking that I need to spend more time talking with my son on spiritual matters and his goals. I also think I need to spend more time showing my daughter I love her and helping her get some screenings for health issues and how to cope better to get her moving towards some goals. Life and situations move so fast it is sometimes hard to get my breath and concentrate on all the things to be done. IMG_2859

Our 4th of July was a lot of fun. We spent it with new friends that we are still getting to know better. They had the largest hot dogs I have ever seen there. A lot of food, people, and fireworks. It was awesome spending it with people who were so happy to be together and celebrate. Roman tried his first sparkler ever. I got a picture of my son dancing and having fun.

My mom Jessie has a different car today and later she is going to come up so we can all take a spin in it. Fun. I also hope to get some errands done while I have the time.

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Blossoms to snow to summer –now!

Issac (son) had a prom to go to tonight. He played it cool but, I could tell he was really nervous. They looked good in their matching white, blue, and black clothes. They both wore matching blue and white converse. Different but it looked really cute. I know they will have a blast but, I doubt he will want to do family day tomorrow.

The weather has been crazy confusing the bills and my body. We had some days in the high 80’s and then the next days in the 30’s with rain and snow. The grass is green and trees are bloomed but, snow is covering them. Weird. I enjoyed the randomness of it though.


Besides the cold weather has been good for cuddling with Rome at night. I think it has made him frisky — or maybe it has been my cooking? We had relations three times the other day and it was like wow. It is good when we are both connected to what we like and both feeling the excitement and spontaneous.

Lots of changes coming up in my life but, even though I get nervous about them I also am very excited to see what comes of it.

We went to an event the other night and had dinner. I won the centerpiece which was a little pail of flowers. It is little both I was very happy to win it. I am going to plant it in a bigger container on the porch as soon as it warms up a little –I am very excited to see them grow and mature over the summer. I love summer! The sun on my skin, swimming, running around with less clothes (I hate heavy clothes– not a nudist-lol). I love how cold fruit feels and taste in my mouth, the smells, the busy out and interacting, the happy people planning vacations. I know it will be here soon.


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Blossoms are fading but, still growing

Family day was yesterday again and this time my daughter joined us and did pretty good. It was hot and my skin is a burning red because of it. It was worth it.

This week is full of appointments for me and studying for finals so not much fun but, a lot of things done. I get to see the gallery where my ceramic pieces will be displayed today but, plan to attend a lecture first on organization.

The blooms of the dogwood trees around my home are going away which is good for my allergies but, bad because they are so pretty. I took a photo to keep looking at the pretty blossoms after they leave.


Roman (hubby) and I are over the honeymoon stage of our marriage now but, I am happy that the court has allowed him to stay another year with us before having to go back to his country and try to come back. It is painful and sometimes confusing to live like this. I am savoring what I have and being grateful though.

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Sunday family day

Issac (son) flew through the air with his long curled locks of hair flying in the wind to hit at the tennis ball yesterday. I caught a young girl looking longingly at him. It made me feel proud and scared at the same time because he is still my baby boy. Roman just laughed off my concern (men- lol). I think we are getting better at playing tennis but, still learning. I loved watching Rome’s muscles flex and the power he slammed the ball with. All that energy drained him quicker than us and we got a chance to gloat for once.


I was very impressed by Rome having the idea spontaneously for going out as family to play tennis and then out for pizza after. After getting full and feeling close we were ready to go home. I did have an urge to lock him in the restraunt’s bathroom and have my way with him but, I managed to tame that wild beast for the sake of all the kids eating there. ha ha.

Once home I had to decide which few ceramics pieces to choose to put in the University’s gallery show. I think I will show my plate and container set with wild fire bright yellow, orange and red and a more tame bowl with dark blue and shining gorgeous brown tint running through it.

What type of ceramics do my readers like? What kind would you like to buy or what artist?

This was my very FIRST ceramic piece I ever made. A vase.


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funeral or school after sex induced night

Shhhh! Roman — I plan to seduce him tonight. It has been a week since my husband and I ¬†could be completely intimate. I plan on making it happen tonight. It is a fantastic stress buster. I would not be bringing it up if it wasn’t for the fact that sex has been getting better lately. I think we are really learning what makes it good for each other. I am so blessed to have a man that cares what we are each going through and we both equally want to please each other. The last time we made love was so passionate – like melting butter but, with a surging excitement ¬†that made me never want to come down and rest. I love the new blanket we bought it is like being cuddled in animal fur (not real fur). I like the way it feels on our bare skin and it warms me when I am too exhausted not to drift off to sleep.


On another note. I have been conflicted all day. Tomorrow I am suppose to attend classes. I need to do some studio time however, I was invited to attend a funeral. The people that are related to the deceased were like a second family to me when I was young. I used to feel so close to them but, now I do not really have any connection to them anymore. I am not sure whether I should go to the funeral or to class. It would effect my grade to miss class but, I don’t want to hurt the friends that were good to me in former years either. I am still deciding.

Are you bored? Well if you want something to watch check out “30 days” on netflix or hulu. It is really interesting. For a month someone has to try out what it would be like in someone else’s situation.

Should I go to school or the funeral? hmmmm.

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