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The three W’s

My life right now feels disordered. I have went back and forth trying to get a grip on life around me. I feel that because I feel a bit lost that Satan is using that to attack areas I am sensitive too. I have felt even in trying to help others they have lashed out at me. I know Satan is going to try what he can to get to me because he loves to take strong people when they are in weak positions to make them fall or lose hope (faith) but, I also know that God takes people when they are feeling broken and lifts them up. God tends to show up and do huge things when you think that things will not get better. I am holding on and I will lean on my loved Lord.

I do not know what the Lord has in store for me in this lifetime but, I do know what things I can be doing that would please Him and my family. That is what I need to start putting my energy into. I am going to try to put my priorities in order and simplify what I am doing and putting my mind on.  In the month of October and November it is down to business. I am going to concentrate on what I will call “The three W’s”, working, writing, and reading the word.  Working meaning at my job (get real money coming in while my husband is busy) and also working at home around the house (cleaning out) and in my art, writing meaning concentrating my thoughts into words to make sense of what is going on and what God is showing me and using my talents he gave me to get things done. Lastly, reading the word in an orderly pace for me and understanding through Holy Spirit guiding me to understand what the word is saying for my life.

Time has never been a good friend to me. I thank God everyday for getting to live another day on this earth but, it goes extremely fast and it can be hard for me to caught my breathe and keep up. I pray that that taking stock of what is going on right now and organizing what I am focused on will help me manage the sweet time God is giving me on this earth to be the best me for Him, myself and others.

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God met me on my walk

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     It is so easy to accept and agree with something you read, or a message or a teaching when it is not actually happening to you at the present moment (or at least not to a large degree). For the past 2 weeks all the spiritual lessons I have heard seem to center around trusting in the Lord and not stressing out. I very much agree that God makes all things good for those who love Him and that he can do the impossible in people’s lives.

    Although I mentally know and believe this is true, I also feel slammed the last couple of days with financial issues and changes that are causing me anxiety. I find myself struggling to stand in the truths I know to be true without still worrying.

     One down side to having such a goal driven husband is when he asks me about my day with such a straight face I can’t help but feel he is really saying why haven’t you gotten more things done today and I feel stress rise in me. 

     Today when I got that question and look I felt shame rise in me and I needed some air and alone time. I grabbed my camera and headed on a walk around the neighborhood.



His eye is on the sparrow

     It was cloudy and sprinkling little bits of cold rain on and off. The air and wind kissed my skin and it felt cool and wonderful. As I took in the images around me like the green grass, full trees, and local wildlife I felt a little relief. I felt a little more confident of God’s power and love for me. I thought how blessed I really am. 

IMG_3626 IMG_3630

I snapped pictures along the way that could not do justice to the real beauty tucked away at each few blocks. 

    The issues are still there and have to be addressed and dealt with but as I stopped and ran my feet through some lush green grass I prayed to my Lord and I felt a little lighter and connected to Him and I know He will help me through this. 

IMG_3633 IMG_3632

On my walk back home I spotted my husband on his daily run. As he met up with me he slowed down to walk with me the rest of the way home and just casually talked to me which warmed my heart and helped me connect with him. 

IMG_3628 IMG_3634

     So in conclusion, I still have to work on my issues and manage my stress but, I thank God and my husband for meeting me on my walk and showing me some love. smiles. Thank you both!


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