One year to an organized life

I found this book in the library today. I skimmed through it. The book looks to have some good tips so I decided I will work through it even if I have to keep checking it out over and over. This will be as close as I get to a New Years resolution since I don’t believe in making promises. Feel free to go on the journey with me as I work through the book and I will offer the awesome tips I learn along the way.


I like the first 3 tips:

1. Eliminate – get rid of what you don’t use or have more than.

2. Categorize – put them in places that make sense that they would go together and be most useful

3. Organize – after cleaned out and stacked in an order you now find the best way to keep it maintained in order.

I personally need to do this first in each room of the house but, the first months chapter for January is for the kitchen so I will start there.

1. For January they suggest making a dream board of how you invision you want your home to be in pictures from magazines and words and make a dream board with this. I may just do that inside the step to exercise.

2. Work through the exercises in the book in a journal to learn about time management and so on that effects your organizing. I plan on doing this in my blog. Like I said you can follow that journey if you like.

Here we go!


1. What was your home of origin like?

My father was not really in my life nor were any of my siblings or step or half siblings. I was raised as an only child by my full time working mother. My mother was very organized and used her time wisely. She is always on time usually a little early. She likes to be prepared for things and plans them out ahead of time. Most everything in our home had a home. When came to chores I did have them but, not very often and she a lot of times would give me the easier chores to get done. My room was my space and she did not make me keep it like the rest of the house but, she would not allow it to get to out of control either. She would sometimes tell me to clean it as one of my chores or sometimes she would go in and clean it (rarely though). I often got grounded for leaving my chores for the last minute or forgetting them when I was told to do them. On Saturdays we often did some chores together and relaxed the following Sunday. My mother when it came to dishes would always rinse them out but then would leave them next to the sink until there was enough to fill a sink full if she was too tired to do them that night or she would give me that chore for the next day. I had to keep things picked up around the house and helped fold laundry at the laundry mat. I guess I would say I was a helper but, not fully responsible on my own to do things consisitly instead viewed it as keeping the home clean as a team. We shared everything pretty much.

2. How did this affect you regarding time?

I think it made me be a little inconsistent with myself and my own kids later but, it also gave me a strong respect for what women do. I felt keeping the house clean and nice was a whole family affair and something that all members should work as team equally to do. I used to watch my grandmother slave away in her home doing everything for my grandfather while he would relax and eat, watch tv, do hobbies, a home business and take naps. He in my eyes was disrespectful to her and took what she did for granted never helping her with anything even though she was babysitting grandchildren after raising seven kids of her own. I thought I never want to live like that. I want to be an independent women with my husband and kids taking on their share and understanding the workload. Sorry to say I am a little bitter that it has not worked out as much like that as I would like.

3 Moving foward are you a person who is always on time or do you get derailed easily?

This a trick question for me because in everything I am always on time or even early like my mom was but, at home I tend to put things off mainly when I am very tired or not feeling well (I am like this more often than not).

4. Does it bother you to be late? why?

Yes it does because I feel I am not being respectful if I am late and I also don’t want to miss something or have to reschedule anything. At home I am a little nicer to myself for doing things late unless I have let it go on to long then I am very hard on myself and my mood drops a lot.

       Exercises for next time:

setting goals and where your time goes…..join me or read along if you like.

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